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New Law Exposes Companies Who Misuse E-Verify System.
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About Working Hands Legal Clinic

WHLC provides no cost legal services in the area of employment law to qualifying low wage workers in the greater Chicago
metropolitan area. WHLC works with a network of community-based organizations to reach the most vulnerable and difficult to
reach Illinois residents and has a special focus on day laborers and other contingent workers. WHLC works with CBOs to deliver
its  legal services in the four following ways:

1.  Conducting employment rights trainings for community advocates;

2.  Conducting “Know Your Rights” workshops for constituencies of known and
 trusted CBOs;  

3.  Conducting on-site legal advice clinics for those constituencies;

4.  Providing follow up support and assistance for employment cases (where
 appropriate) through any of the following:
    a) Attempts to resolve the dispute through negotiations with the employer;
    b) Assistance in filing a complaint with an appropriate government agency;
    c) Referral to an employment attorney for further evaluation for possible

For more information on WHLC or to make an appointment for a consultation,  contact us at: (312) 795-9115, or by email.
Tel- (312) 795-9115  
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